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We are dedicated to value management for the environment and humanity.
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Chairman's Message

Welcome to the Korea Packaging Recycling Cooperative (KPRC).

Waste is inevitably generated in our lives and business activities. The reality is that the amount of waste continues to increase as the economy develops and the standard of living improves.

Especially, as modern people pursue the convenience of life, the amount of packaging materials and disposable waste is increasing rapidly.

The best way to solve this waste problem is minimizing the amount of waste and recycling the waste as much as possible. Our cooperative was founded for the purpose of minimizing the amount of waste and supporting the development of recycling technology in 2013.

Our cooperative, which is made up of about 5,000 members and produce packaging materials, fulfills the obligation to recycle various packaging materials according to the Extended Producers Responsibility(EPR) system, supports the recycling business, provides the basis for proper recycling practices.

We will continue to strive toward the creation of a resource circulation society as a professional institute in recycling and resource circulation in the future.

On behalf of everyone at the KPRC, I ask for your support, encouragement, and suggestions.

Thank you.

Chairman    Kim Dong Jin
Address : 2F, J Plus Building, 18, Baumoe-ro 37-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea   |   Phone : 02-6948-8700